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Out of Time

(Artimus Crane Book #1)

When a young family buys a new house and finds their own corpses in a sealed cellar, DCI Townsend is called in to lead the investigation.

With nothing making sense, DCI Townsend must seek the help of an eccentric university friend… But Artimus doesn’t care. It’s half twelve and the pub has been open ninety minutes…

Will Artimus discover the answer to the seemingly impossible mystery, or will his brief encounter with sobriety mean the death of us all?

Welcome to my website!

I can’t believe it was as long ago as two-thousand and three when I first put pen to paper on Coincidence Theory. Yet here we are, with three novels now out there and lots of really good feedback for Coincidence Theory. Thanks for all the great comments and mails! More, and hopefully better, is yet to come. So watch this space and thanks for taking the time to come and see me here.


Steven Allinson




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Latest News


Reasonable Doubt is released on all formats!

The chronicles of Carl Walters continue in the epic follow up to the Amazon Top 100 seller of 2012, Coincidence Theory.


Reasonable Doubt is set for print. Excited now. Hopefully, it will be received as well as Coincidence Theory.


Final draft of Reasonable Doubt printed and checked. Nearly there. Hopefully publish sometime in September, or early October.


Well, pen down on Reasonable Doubt, and perhaps a chance to leave the life of Carl Walters for another day. Time to start on something new. I’ve been thinking about this new novel for a while, and I think now is the time to start. Hopefully get ‘Artimus Crane’ out early next year - daughters not-withstanding!